In Memoriam

​Our CEO & GM, ​Robert Scott Ward, passed away unexpectedly on June 25th, 2017 at the young age of 64 years old. He dedicated his life to his family, colleagues, business, and in helping those in-need. He was a truly exceptional man that lived his life to the fullest, every single day of his life.

​Robert (Bob) began his journey, with Hydro-Labs, Inc., in 1986. He had a passion for improving asphalt and concrete structures on a grand scale. He was widely recognized as a man that had many solutions and always loved a good hearty conversation.​​ For those that were blessed to share life with him, knew that Bob would do everything and anything possible to ensure that his clients were more than satisfied. His work ethic resonated with every person that worked with him and for him. 

​Bob was always excited to perform asphalt rejuvenation projects, even as a manufacturer. He believed that in order to make a great product, one must utilize the product, throughout the entire product lifecycle.

In his years as the head of manufacturing, he perfected his craft in manufacturing the best pavement rejuvenator on the market today. From the procurement of source materials, creating the product, quality testing, and applying the materials, he constantly sought after improvements.

​He welcomed opportunities, challenges, and even competition. He often spoke of the asphalt infrastructure in the United States and how Hydro-Labs, Inc., was designed to improve it. He felt as though his mission was to help others, and he executed with perfection, precision, and passion.

​He would openly consult vast arrays of professionals in the asphalt and concrete industries. He was recognized as a subject matter expert in the field and his knowledge was always free. Bob grew up in a small farming town, in Upstate NY, and carried such values with him in his business presence. Honor, integrity, hard work, perseverance, and ethical conduct were his core values. He often said that by conducting business, while leveraging these values, that success was inevitable. This proved true; time and time again.

​Bob's presence, values, and business savvy were deeply instilled in his family and loyal colleagues. Bob was a husband, father, grandfather, entrepreneur, analytical thinker, innovator, and most importantly; a friend. His physical presence will be missed, but his legacy shall not only carry on, but continue to grow.

With this, we leave you with an important message:

​To all of our distributors, contractors, clients, colleagues, and affiliates,

​Hydro-Labs, Inc., has grown to what we are today, due to a multitude of factors. The most important catalyst of our strength is the manner in which our founder, Bob Ward, has conducted business throughout his entire life; with honor. Furthermore, we are fortunate to be surrounded by the most loyal, honest, and motivated professionals in this industry. 

​Our promise to you is simple: We shall continue to manufacture only the very best rejuvenator on the market. We will continue to deliver our product with fair pricing. We will continue to provide technical guidance and leverage our extensive network of contractors, distributors, and clients to give you the information that you seek. We shall continue to treat you with respect. We are devoted to our clients and we have a vested interest in seeing you succeed. Any time, day or night, we will continue to conduct business within the best interests of all of you in mind.​​ As you take on new projects, clients, and other endeavors, we will continue to provide the best support to you.

​We would like to stop and give sincere thanks to all of you for your loyalty to Hydro-Labs, Inc. Rest assured that we recognize all of your hard work and are always in your corner. Continue to stay motivated, focused, and hungry for new opportunities; just as we all are. 

​With great respect and thankfulness,

​The Entire Hydro-Labs, Inc., team.

Asphalt Rejuvenator