Our Asphalt Rejuvenator CPR™

Pavement replacement is a huge expenditure.  By utilizing the CPR Asphalt Treatment Program, the life of the pavement can be extended. Costly replacement or repetitive overlays can be eliminated while maintaining a like-new appearance of the asphalt pavement.   Asphalt Rejuvenation is based on the measurable parameters of the following:

  • Viscosity Reduced
  • Penetration Increased
  • Ductility Increased
  • Asphalt Content Increased
  • Skid Resistance Increased
  • Durability Increased
  • In wet conditions the skid resistance increases and returns to normal when the pavement is dry.
The CPRrejuvenation process restores the asphalt pavement to a near-new condition based on its original viscosity, penetration and ductility values.  CPR waterproofs and imparts a chemical resistance to the upper layer of the asphalt.


CPR™ can be applied to a variety of pavement surfaces such as hot-mix asphalt, chip-seal, micro-surfacing and slurry seal. Pavements and roadways treated with CPR Rejuvenator can be opened up for traffic after a short period of time without fear of delamination or tracking.      


     Aged Pavement           Rejuvenated Pavement

Steps and Features of CPR™ Pavement Rejuvenation:

  1. Rejuvenator is surface applied to the existing pavement
  2. Rejuvenator penetrates into and becomes part of the asphalt matrix
  3. Rejuvenator reduces viscosity and increases the flexibility of pavements
  4. Rejuvenator replaces lost asphalt and maltene compounds essential for long service life
  5. Rejuvenator provides fuel and chemical resistance to the pavement
  6. Rejuvenator seals the pavement with a uniform black, even-wearing finish
  7. Rejuvenator is not water soluble and therefore will not flush from the surface
  8. Rejuvenator is not a conventional coal tar or asphalt sealer and will not create a surface buildup
  9. Rejuvenator will not chip, flake, peel or delaminate from the pavement surface
  10. Rejuvenator Application on a periodic basis, (3 to 5 years), will extend pavement life indefinitely
Asphalt Rejuvenator